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Please Please Don’t Kill the Honey Bees!

1 Jun

Please Please Don’t Kill the Honey Bees!  

In early June 2010, I realized we had a bee problem inside the wall of our home. I started making calls to try and find someone who could remove them. I really did not want to kill them and the more I learned about bees, the more I was determined to save them. First bees are very important for our ecosystem, without them we would lose our crops. If one has them exterminated the hive will remain in the wall and it will draw roaches and ants plus it will cause mold and a big mess inside the wall.

I am sharing our bee removal experience. I found a beekeeper Steven Brackmann, who did an excellent job.

Looking at this next picture you would not think we had very many bees!

The beekeeper realized he was not going to be able to get to the bees from outside after removing some of the wall.

He realized he was going to have to go through the Kitchen wall.

He tried to go through one part of the wall but a 2 by 4 was in the way so he had to go in through the bottom of the wall.

Then we could see the bottom of the Bee Hive!

The beekeeper hung plastic up in the doorway so the bees would not go into the other rooms. The Hive had between 40,000 to 50,000 bees in it.

The honeycomb!

This is rich raw honey!

I see this as a blessing because my husband has allergies and you can’t get local honey any closer to home than this! 🙂

I am so glad we saved the bees and now they have a new home. The beekeeper repaired the walls and did an awesome job!

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