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Pray For Our Nation~

2 Nov

With the election only a few days away, fasting and prayer is critical for our nation. Pray for our leaders, those running for office, and the people. Without our Lord there is no hope. On January 30, 1984 Ronald Reagan said “God’s most blessed gift to His family is the gift of life. He sent us the Prince of Peace as a babe in a manger. I’ve said that we must be cautious in claiming God is on our side. I think the real question we must answer is, are we on His side?” In 1983 Reagan wrote ” Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation”, he said we need to join in prayer to bring protection to the unborn. Prayer and action are needed to uphold the sanctity of human life. Reagan alluded to a book written by John Powell called “Abortion: The Silent Holocaust”.…/

Ronald Reagan speaks about the importance of God in American.

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