God Answers Our Prayers~Does It Matter What Name We Give our Child?

21 May

~God Answers Our Prayers ~

Does It Matter What Name We Give Our Child?

On April 1, 2009, I called an old friend of mine to wish her a Happy Birthday. Our conversation turned to my daughter. She wanted to know the name my daughter was going to give her baby girl. I told her Mali. Now my friend is an English major and she felt the need to warn me about that name. In the English language, “Mal” always means bad or evil. It is never good…The root word “Mal” as in malice, malicious, malpractice, malady, malaria, and malcontent are all bad. She felt it was important to let my daughter know this before giving her baby that name. After getting off the phone I went and told her we have a problem. Mali’s name is bad!!!! I was upset over it and she goes MOM no. I said names are important, the Lord gave names and they had meanings. It is important we give her a name pleasing to the Lord. Then my daughter said let’s look and see what “Mal” means in Hebrew or Greek. Well, in Hebrew we found the name Malachi and he was a prophet of God so “Mal” was not bad in Hebrew. Then we checked the Greek and Mal in the Greek means Beloved. Well at this point we are feeling much better about the name Mali. I then realized Satan was trying to deceive me. Well, today April 3, 2009, I took my daughter so she could get some nursing bras for when Mali gets here. We went to Kohl’s Department Store for them. We asked the sales lady if they had nursing bras and she said she was sorry but that was one of the items that they do not carry. But she said since we made the trip to the store she wanted to give us something!!!! She handed my daughter and I these little vials of Cologne. To our surprise, they were called Beloved only sold at Kohles. We both looked at one another and knew this was the Lord letting us know Mali was the name he wanted her to name her baby!!!! Mal or Mali means “Beloved” in GREEK!!!! The Lord is so amazing in the way he answers our prayers. We both knew it was the Lord verifying his will for her to give her that name.

Here is a link that shows the GREEK:

Mal Or Mali in the GREEK Means BELOVED




The sales lady handed my daughter the green one and me the pink one. The funny thing is before all this happened we went to eat at a Tai restaurant with my husband and we were telling him about what my friend told me about the name Mali. And we told him how we learned it meant Beloved in the GREEK because My daughter wanted to use the language the Bible had been written in!!! In Thai, the name Mali means Flower and the “Beloved” cologne is the scent of fresh flowers!!!

The moral of this story is when we turn to the Lord for answers he will not fail us. He will show us the truth!!!!

The Lord gave us a wonderful story to share with Mali someday and write about it in her Baby Book. She will know the Lord had a big part in helping her MOM choose her name!!!!

God Bless All of You!


Meaning: Beloved
Mal – (Hebrew) Messenger of God ~ angel

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